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It all feels good!

Bianca! I’m so proud of you Sis. I listen to your podcast now on my desktop when I’m designing. Feels good to hear something positive and relatable. The world needs you and your perspective. Thank you for creating this podcast.

Awesome podcast

I love your podcast Ms. Hughes. The podcast is very informative and you are an excellent interviewer.


Love this podcast and her authenticity. She is such an inspiration to so many! Keep up the amazing work. ❤️

Never knew how much I needed another podcast

This podcast and its guests are something I didn’t know I needed. It is so real and raw I find myself finding something else inside of me to forgive that I didn’t know needed forgiveness. It’s almost like my escape every time I listen I learn something that helps me be able to become more authentically me. Thank you Bianca!

Love your stories and personal journey

I cohost a woman storytelling podcast. I am in love with your stories and format. I can tell you are truly interested in the story your guest has to tell. So many podcast hosts are disconnected. You research your guest if they have published work. When you talk about yourself, you speak with authenticity and about your vulnerability. And your voice and tone is Amazing! Keep up the great work

The Good News on Grief

This podcast has so many wonderful nuggets to help process the tough moments in life - loss, grief, disappointment. I have treated my heart to the language of healing and growth through listening to the powerful stories captured. Highly recommended.

Amazing Conversations

As a fellow podcaster and Black British woman, I love love love this podcast, amazing conversations. I look forward to tuning in each episode. Thank you

Thank you

I sooo appreciate you bringing these great topics to the forefront!

Nika H.

As a fellow podcaster, I’m so happy to have stumbled across this podcast! The mental health topics are essential for today, especially in the black community! Keep up the great work 💛

Recovering from Perfectionism

I’m so excited to have found this podcast. I currently on the road to recovering from perfectionism, and I know this will be an amazing resource to learn, grow and to become more authentic in all aspects of life!

What it's really like on the inside but few of us are willing to admit

Bianca shines the light on what's really going on in our minds that we are afraid to share. These are the monsters we keep under the bed who lie in wait to take us out as soon as we reach for our dreams. These are open, honest, vulnerable conversations that will inspire you in so many ways.